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What is it ?

SONAM CAPITAL SERENITY is a life insurance product which offers an innovative and diversified investment vehicle.  

A unit of account is a medium financial investment expressed in units of mutual funds, shares or bonds.

A generous contract in terms of benefit


Up to 10% of your contribution or payment, benefit from Units of Account by investing in a mutual fund with :

  • a management team led by professionals (in partnership with CGF Gestion)
  • A diversified investment strategy :
    • 75% of bonds
    • 20% of stocks and 5% of liquidity.
  • A long-term performance : Created in 2013, the mutual fund achieved a cumulative performance of 40.5% on December 31st, 2015.  



You can invest more than 30% of your payments in cash and receive a minimum guaranteed rate and a profit sharing granted by the insurer. 



With the death benefit, the amount of the capital paid to the beneficiaries or the beneficiaries can not be less than the accumulated payments made.
As a result, payments made to the mutual fund are guaranteed in the event of death.



There is no a fixed amout nor a determined period to deposit your money.



Consolidated savings can be partially or totally available. 
At the end of the contract, you could collect the entire capital or receive it on a regular basis.



Payments are deductible up to 10% of your income (article 55.3 of the French tax code).
Capital, at the end of the contract :

  • If you opt for a return of capital :
    A tax of 7.5% is applied on interest after 10 years of contributions (Article 9-6b of the CGI).  
  • If you opt for a pension :
    The pension paid is exempted from tax in the amount of XOF 1 800 000  per year (article 164 of the French Tax Code).

In case of death :
The capital transferred to the beneficiaries is not taxable. 


A customer advisor will assist you to choose a solution tailored to your needs and investment objectives.

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