Frequently Asked Questions


Why open an account at CGF Bourse ?

Opening a securities account at CGF Bourse will allow you to invest your capital/savings with a total confidence in order to take full advantage of the returns offered by the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) within the WAEMU. 

You can place your money on several products: Stocks, Bonds, Sukuk products or Mutual Funds.


What is the difference between a bank account and a securities account ?

A bank account is a cash account present in a commercial bank while a securities account is an account held in an Investment and Brokerage firm (SGI) that holds securities (shares, bonds, Sukuk, mutual funds (FCP). However, the securities account may also temporarely hold liquidity arising from events in value (dividends paid, return of capital, payment of interest or profit margins, payments Carried out by the customer ...).


What is the difference between a commercial bank and an an Investment and Brokerage firm (SGI) ?

A commercial bank is a financial money market structure whose operation is regulated by the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) with oversight by the Banking Commission (COB) while an SGI is an intermediary in the financial market of the WAEMU whose operation is ruled by the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF). The CREPMF’s principal purpose is to protect the interests of investors who invest their capital in the WAEMU financial market. Any SGI must be approved by the CREPMF before making any operations in the financial market. CREPMF organizes the functioning of the sub-regional financial market and lays down the regulations that all the actors and players must follow. This is why it is said that IMS are considered as financial institutions but are exempt from the banking regulations under the COB.


Who can open an account at CGF Bourse ?

Any individual regardless of age (subject to laws of guardianship), with proof of residence and an identity document (or a birth certificate in the case of a minor) can open a securities account at CGF Bourse. Any legal entity (public or private company, association, professional group, investment club, IPM ...) living in Senegal or in the rest of the world can also open a securities account at CGF Bourse.

How to open a securities account at CGF Bourse ?

Opening a securities account is simple; you will just need to provide the documents below :


  • a valid identity document (ID)
  • a photo
  • a proof of your residence (residence certificate or water / electricity / telephone bill in your name).


  • articles of Incorporation
  • powers of signatories
  • decisions to appoint signatories
  • Valid IDs for signatories

The signature of the securities account agreement between CGF Bourse and the client will confirm the opening of a securities account. The client will receive an individual account number registered on an electronic customer management platform.

The financial advisors team will be at the client disposal in the agency or online for anyadditional information.


What is the minimum amount to open a securities account ?

No minimum amount is required to open a securities account at CGF Bourse. It all depends on you. The key is to use resources that you will not need in the short term in order to benefit from the market returns over a certain period.


Can I withdraw some or all of my capital if I need to ?

Yes, you can withdraw any cash resulting from a sale of securities on the BRVM platform.   Your cash will be available within 3 days after the execution of your sell order is placed. The corresponding amount is transferred as a cash balance into your checking or current account to which you can have access by check or a bank transfer.

In the case of an investment in the mutual funds, the liquidity which is the result of a repurchase transaction is immediately available within 24 hours by check or by a bank transfer.


How are clients informed about changes in their investments ?

After the opening of the account, CGF Bourse provides to each customer his/her login and password for CGF Access where you can fully access the stock exchange situation and your account in real time. It allows you to follow the evolution of your account 24/7, to consult your statement and to conduct all your transactions. It also provides you with all the information related to the evolution of the BRVM and the securities listed with their history since the start of the regional stock exchange

In addition, CGF Bourse regularly publishes Daily newsletters, Monthly Letters, Synthetic Analysis Notes, Research Notes ...) in order to monitor the evolution of the market and the life of companies Listed on the BRVM.

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